corporate training

Corporate Training

Whether you want to get a project kicked off with the right skilled people or looking to develop a technical competency, we have a solution for you. A traditional approach towards training, imparting theoretical knowledge, is not useful for you. All you need is a hands-on, real-life business cases that your team can quickly grasp and start hitting the ground. All our trainers are working professionals with 10+ years of experience in their technology and have solved complex technical challenges.
Some of our corporate programs are in the areas:

  • Selenium with Java

  • Selenium with Python

  • Cypress with Javascript/Typescript

  • Playwright with Javascript/Typescript/Java/Python

  • DevOps: Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, Git/GitHub, Linux

Our value for corporates

  • Focus on solving your technology challenges through training, coaching or consulting.
  • Trainers with a proven track record of delivering large, complex projects for global clients.
  • Technology is our DNA. All programs are offered considering the current trends and upcoming technologies.
  • Highly customized content for each program, that makes the training very relevant for YOUR team.
  • High quality training content, curated over several training programs for diverse audiences.

Ready to get started?

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