Test Automation with Selenium, Java, Git, and Jenkins

“Master in Software Testing (MST) is a focused training course for Freshers as well as candidates who would like to shift to Software Testing Career. This course will enable candidate to understand Software Quality and perform hands-on exercises to get ready for Industry.
As every industry is moving towards automation, Software Testing professional is expected to understand and automate testing. This enables faster turn-around for Software testing cycle and faster time to market. This course covers Test Automation in detail, to make candidate work independently on Test Automation projects and help them to become a very good automation tester.
Therefore MST course is designed to get candidate ready as Completer Software Testing Professional, who can kick-start career and excel in profession.“

At the end, we will give you a project which you need to complete with automation framework.

All our trainers are having minimum 10 years of experience in test automation. Click here to register for a demo session and our team will be happy to help.

Every session we conduct is a combination of theory and hands-on

All sessions are recorded which participants can keep with them for life time

Who can attend

Engineering graduates | Working professionals – manual Testers | Developers

course outline

Manual Testing

SQL queries

Basic Linux commands


ISTQB Preparation (optional)

Core Java





Demo Video:


Ketan Jobnaputra

Course description

Linux Commands
  • Introduction to the Linux
  • Basic Commands
  • Redirection and Pipes
  • Introduction to vi Editor
  • Searching and Replacing Text


  • Recalling and Editing Commands
  • File Permissions and Access Control
  • Processes
  • More Basic Commands

SQL Queries
  • SQL Basics

  • SQL queries

  • SQL integrity constraints – overview

  • Joins

  • Transaction control commands

Manual Testing - Basics


  • Testing and Agile Testing

  • DevOps and Testing

  • Quality

  • SDLC Models

  • Testing Models

  • Managing the process

  • Test Levels

  • Risk Management

  • Requirement Analysis

Manual Testing - STLC


  • Test Planning

  • Test Development – Test Scenarios, Test Cases

  • Reviews

  • Test Execution

  • Test Reports / Test Closure

  • Test Metrics

  • STLC and Agile with DevOps

  • TDD and BDD

  • Testing Role in DevOps

  • Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD)

Manual Testing - Testing Types

Testing Types/ Techniques

  • Static Testing

  • Equivalence Partitioning

  • BVA

  • Exploratory Testing

  • Error guessing

  • Dynamic Testing

  • Non Functional Test Types

Defect Management

  • Defect Lifecycle

  • Defect Logging

  • Defect Tracking

  • Severity and Priority

  • Tools – QC/JIRA/Bugzilla

Manual Testing - Project

Manual Testing Project

  • Requirement Analysis

  • Creating Test Strategy and Test Cases

  • Executing Test Cases

  • Logging and Tracking Defects

  • Doing root cause analysis for defects leaks

ISTQB Certification Preparation

  • Sample Papers Evaluation/Feedback

  • Evaluation 1 week Before Appearing for Exam

  • Final Exam

JIRA (New topic after Manual testing-delete this comment)

  • Intro to Test Management

  • Why and What about JIRA

  • JIRA Concepts

  • Features and Components of JIRA

  • Types and workflows

  • Conceptual examples