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APIs and microservices have become integral components. API testing poses a significant challenge in the realm of software testing as it involves interacting directly with applications by making calls to their APIs, bypassing the user interface.

This comprehensive course focuses on providing a thorough understanding of APIs, microservices, and API testing, along with automation tools like Postman and JMeter. As the industry shifts towards cloud computing, there is a growing demand for QA/testers who possess a strong understanding of microservices. The role in high demand is that of an SDET (Software Development Engineer in Test) who is proficient in automating microservices efficiently. The course has no prerequisites and starts from the very basics of programming, with a focus on core Java. Participants will gain expertise in all aspects of APIs, from foundational concepts to advanced techniques.

In addition to API testing, the course covers essential tools such as Git/GitHub for version control, Jenkins for continuous integration, and provides an introduction to Docker for containerization. The trainers leading this course have a minimum of 10 years of experience in test automation, ensuring that participants receive valuable insights and industry best practices.

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Who can attend this course

Manual Testers
Automation Testers

Courses Outline – Live Sessions

Introduction to API
Postman and Newman
Introduction to Swagger
Rest Assured
Query Session - Git/GitHub
Query Session - Jenkins
Query Session - BDD/Cucumber

Courses Outline – Self-Paced Learning


Why Niche Thyself

Enhance your skills with our diverse range of software testing courses and become a proficient tester in the dynamic IT industry. Explore the realms of manual testing, test automation with cutting-edge tools like Selenium, Java, Python, Git, and Jenkins, along with in-depth knowledge of DevOps automation and API micro-services testing. Elevate your career with our comprehensive UI and API test automation course using Cypress. Dive into the world of testing excellence at Niche Thyself, the best software testing training institute in Pune.

All our trainers are having minimum 10 years of experience in test automation.

Every session we conduct is a combination of theory and hands-on.

All sessions are recorded which participants can keep with them for life time.

Courses Benefits

Professional growth: By acquiring API testing skills, you expand your professional growth opportunities. Whether you are starting a career in software testing or seeking to advance in your current role, the ability to perform effective API testing opens doors to new and exciting career prospects.

In-demand skill: API testing has become increasingly important as organizations rely on APIs and microservices. By completing the course, you gain a highly sought-after skill that enhances your career prospects in the software testing field.

Industry-relevant tools: The course covers popular API testing tools like Postman, JMeter, and Rest Assured, providing you with practical knowledge of industry-standard tools used for API testing.

Continuous learning: The field of API testing is dynamic, with new technologies and trends emerging regularly. By taking the API testing course, you cultivate a mindset of continuous learning, keeping you updated with the latest advancements and ensuring your skills remain relevant in a rapidly evolving industry.

Comprehensive understanding: The API testing course provides a thorough knowledge of API testing concepts, methodologies, and best practices, enabling you to become proficient in this critical aspect of software testing.

Real-world scenarios: The course emphasizes hands-on learning. You will gain practical experience in testing APIs, using tools like Postman and JMeter, and understanding how to validate API responses and perform various types of API testing.

Collaboration and integration: API testing requires collaboration with developers, testers, and other stakeholders. By gaining proficiency in API testing, you enhance your ability to collaborate effectively and integrate API testing into the overall software development process.

Scalability and flexibility: APIs are widely used in modern software development, allowing applications to interact and exchange data. Understanding API testing enables you to test the scalability and performance of APIs, ensuring they can handle increasing loads and function reliably.

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Detail Course Content


Introduction to API

API Basics 

  • Fundamentals of API and Web services
  • Need for API Automation
  • REST vs. SOAP architecture
  • Monolithic vs. Micro-services architecture
  • Basics of automation framework

Introduction to REST API

  • History of REST
  • Understanding REST architecture
  • Learning HTTP Methods and HTTP responses(JSON, XML)
  • How to start automating API – API documentation

    Authentication and Authorization

    • Understand how APIs are secured
    • API rate limiting
    • Learning oAuth 2.0 protocol
    • Understand the difference between jwt tokens, SAML tokens, SSO

    Tools - Postman

    • Creating collections
    • Creating environments
    • Executing collections
    • Writing verification tests
    • Collection Mocking using Mock servers
    • Understanding and learning about different workspaces
    • Collaborating with team members using the team feature
    • Exporting and importing collections
    • Schedule collection runs
    • Monitor collection and email the results
    • Proxy feature
    • Configure history and interceptor
    • Learning how to call secured APIs (basic auth, oAuth10, oAuth 2.0)
    • Understanding Newman Runner.
    • Execute collection of externalized data
    • Measure API performance
    • Reporting capabilities

    Tools - Newman

    • Running collection using Newman CLI
    • Automating results into html/file
    • Integrate Newman with CI/CD tools like Jenkin

      REST Assured

      • Automating use cases using REST Assured library.
      • Validate Rest API responses.
      • Handling dynamic JSON payloads with parameterization
      • Passing the response values into subsequent requests
      • Sending parameters to the payload from Test.
      • Asserting XML responses.
      • Serializing and De-serializing payloads using Java POJO
      • Installing JIRA to automate JIRA APIs
      • Automate JIRA APIs and create defects in the given project using rest-assured.
      • Write cucumber(BDD) framework to automate JIRA APIs.

        Automating Real world APIs

        • Twitter APIs
        • Facebook APIs


          • Swagger for API documentation


          • Understanding micro-services and automating micro-services
          • Testing and deploying micro-services using Docker.
          • SpringBoot Rest application automation with Spring

            Test Automation Project

            • Automate real-world API like YouTube or Google
            • Make decisions on frameworks based on requirements
            • Design Test Data Management Strategy
            • Design logging and listening strategy
            • Design exception handling and reporting
            • Design page objects for store and admin panel
            • Write tests and execute them using TestNG
            • Make scripts accept run-time parameters instead of hardcoding
            • Create a utility package to re-use (modular framework)
            • Build Tests using Maven
            • Integrate with Jenkins and GitHub

              Post Training Association

              • Typical Interview questions
              • Resume Preparation
              • Mock Interview – only on request
              • Providing interview calls with companies
              • Regular communication on WhatsApp group regarding selenium webinars, conferences and job openings
              • Re-attending the same training in future without any additional cost


                • What is BDD/TDD
                • BDD with Agile
                • Feature File – Gherkin
                • Step Definitions
                • Writing Tests
                • Executing tests using Cucumber

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